We are all leaders. Leadership is not a quality that exists in just a select few, or belonging only to those who have position and authority. A leader, at its essence, is about who you are inside -- and that is the vision that Expedition Agape embraces, to see every volunteer, every teenager becoming a leader in action, living to his fullest potential. While being in contribution to the community, every individual is also capable of uncovering the possibilities ahead and living his dreams confidently.


A leader, who in spite of the challenges, difficulties and discouragement faced, inspires the people around him, with a positive attitude, who not only paints dreams, but takes action and serves, who is responsible and committed to own his dreams. That is why this is an Expedition -- a journey of learning, personal growth, and relationships.

Volunteer Work in Singapore


Mentoring is a fundamental pillar of Expedition Agape. The team of volunteers and teenagers go through one-to-one and small-group mentoring sessions where relationships are built, experiences are shared and beliefs are imparted.


The learning usually goes both ways, with the teenagers too, having valuable lessons to teach the volunteers whom they are mentored by. The precious relationships built often lasts beyond the structured 6-months programme.

Volunteer Work in Singapore


With the aim of deepening the relationships and developing leadership skills, experiential activities are facilitated for the team. A mixture of indoor games and outdoors activities such as dragon-boating, amazing race, and camps are used.

Every volunteer and teenager that has completed the 6-months mentoring programme is part of the Expedition Agape Family, where regular activities are organised to connect and support one another in our dreams and goals.  

Volunteer Work in Singapore


When we serve, we see beyond our needs to the needs of others. In doing so, we also gain a deeper appreciation and awareness of ourselves, who we are, and our connection to the world.

As part of the 6-months journey, the team partners and contributes to both local and overseas beneficiaries. The overseas expedition, in particular, is a key highlight, where the team immerses in a different culture and way of life for two weeks, and makes a difference to the community, returning richer with widened exposure.



The mentoring journey is six months in duration, with experiential, fun-filled and purposeful team-building and leadership development activities. The team gathers together about once a week on weekends or weekday evenings and the service-learning trip (about 10 - 14 days) takes place at the mid-point of the mentoring journey (in partnership with an overseas NGO). There is 1 cycle of mentoring journey every year from July to December.

Orientation >

"Clarity and Commitment"

1st month


"Leader in me, Unleashing Potential"

2nd month

(Camp 1, Community Service 1, Fundraising)

3rd month

(Community Service 2, Fundraising)

"Leaders in Action"

4th month


5th month

(Reunite, Community Service 3)

"Internalise and Reinforce"

6th month and beyond

(Graduation, Sports Day)

> Pay It Forward

(Team Adventure Challenge, Camp 2, Overseas Service)