Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Straits Times

Ng Chun Pin, Nancy Ng

In a recent response to an article by Dr Edmund Lam on the importance of providing young people with meaningful programmes for engagement, Expedition Agape was mentioned as follows:

"Another successful initiative is Expedition Agape. By being involved in service-learning projects with youth from diverse backgrounds, at-risk youth have been able to contribute actively to the community and acquire important life skills.

Collectively, these initiatives allow Singapore's youth, including at-risk youth, to connect with their peers and with the community. This will help encourage them to make a positive impact on the people around them, by leveraging their interests in sports and the arts."

Volunteering Opportunities in Singapore

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The New Paper

"Volunteering is about believing in those we serve and helping them discover their dreams and greatest potential." - Serene Koh, Founder of Expedition Agape

"After their local and overseas stints, these Youth Expedition Project (YEP) Participants feel more empowered than before.


Helping troubled youths gain control of their lives - that's the commitment of Expedition Agape's mentoring programme.

One meaningful aspect of the programme is a two-week trip to a regional country where volunteer are attached to local NGOs.

On a recent trip, participants attended a two-day bonding camp after being selected. For the next three months before they left on the trip, they met every other Sunday to plan, raise funds and conduct local community projects. Among their activities: They visited homes to paint murals and organised a race around Orchard Road for needy families."

Volunteering Opportunities in Singapore

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February 2014 Issue

Young Magazine

Cynthia Chung

"Some young people like Cindy Chng and Serene Koh got a head start in volunteering through structured programmes. They started out as volunteers with the Young Expedition Programme (YEP) during their university years. Both went on overseas expeditions to Thailand and China, organised by National Youth Council (NYC), which supports service missions undertaken by students and youth (between 15 and 35) to China, India and ASEAN countries."

"This NYC scheme hopes to drive sustainable volunteering at local and regional levels and increase opportunities for youth to volunteer in more community projects. It’s open to students in the Institutes of Technical Education, polytechnics and universities and young adults.


From 2014, students can take time out from their studies — a semester, for example — to do full-time community service. NYC will provide the financial support and when they complete their projects (local and overseas) grants will be given to encourage them to continue serving. Training and mentoring modules are being developed by NYC in collaboration with several youth organisations, and community groups will provide the practical opportunities."

Volunteering Opportunities in Singapore

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Wednesday, 5 and 11 February 2014

MediaCorp Radio FM93.8 Live

In an one hour radio interview, the Expedition Agape teenagers and volunteers had the opportunity to share about the programme and activities as well as how their lives were changed in the course of serving others.



Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lianhe Zaobao

This article was published in relation to Expedition Agape 2018, which comprises the overseas expedition in partnership with Family Care Cornerstone Project. The team went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and visited as well as contributed to various service projects at Kien Khleang Orphanage, Kolap 4 Orphanage, Rubbish Dump site as well as at Koh Rumdual island.

"They may come from dysfunctional families and may be regarded by society as "problem youths", but they have grown and learnt through an overseas expedition.

13 youths from different voluntary welfare organisations in Singapore participated in CampVision Expedition to Cambodia in December last year which was for a period of about 2 weeks.

CampVision Expedition's chairperson Serene Koh (25 years old) said the group of 10 adults leading this expedition are all volunteers, with the common aim of seeing personal growth and development in these youths - to hone their leadership, resilience and creativity.

The entire expedition costs about $30,000 and they relied on donations as well as sponsors to raise the amount. As there are five 15 and 16 year olds in the expedition team, YEP's lowering of age limit has allowed them to benefit greatly and receive more than $10,000 in grants.

The expedition team worked with a local NGO in Cambodia and in their two weeks there, refurbished the living environment of a orphanage, including its church, as well as painted beautiful mural art on the walls. They also brought the children to the Water Park for an outing.

In addition, they also visited the children at the Garbage Dump. One of the youths, Sky Kam (16 years old) said the living conditions of the children there shocked him. He said, "They do not have hot food and have to eat cold food all the time, but they are very contented. In the past, I have been wanting to own mobile phones, PSPs, but now I want to lead a simple life, and save whenever I can. Now, I want to study hard, and when I earn more money, to go back to help more people in Cambodia."

Volunteering Opportunities in Singapore

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