The mentoring journey is six months in duration, with the service-learning trip taking place at the mid-point of the mentoring journey (in partnership with a overseas NGO), spanning 10 to 14 days in duration. 



The team ventured to Thailand in June, working jointly with VisionTrust to contribute in the educational and infrastructural projects. A stretch of road had been paved towards a local village school, which is believed to have benefitted the nearby villagers and children. Educational activities had also been conducted in the school.

SEP 2014 - MAR 2015: CAMBODIA

The team ventured to Cambodia in June, working jointly with Cornerstone Project to contribute in the educational and infrastructural projects. Educational projects were carried out for the village's school children.


Trip Update

The team ventured to Khek Noi, Thailand from 14 to 24 June 2014, and worked jointly with Radion International to contribute in educational and infrastructural projects. A water tank was completed for the Integrated Centre which will benefit more than 300 nearby villagers and children.

SEP 2013 - MAR 2014: TIMOR LESTE

Trip Update

The team ventured to Timor Leste from 12 to 24 December 2013, and worked jointly with Transformation Alliance to serve at Nazarene Youth Centre, Atabae and Luro, contributing in educational and infrastructural projects to bring smiles to the children and also completed a multi-purpose court for the community at Dili.

SEP 2012 - FEB 2013: CAMBODIA

Trip Update

A beautiful 11 days in Cambodia from 10 to 20 December 2012, where the team worked in partnership with the overseas host organisation, Family Care Cornerstone Project to contribute to Kien Khleang Orphanage (KKO) and Koh Rumdual, a island housing 89 destitute families. 

SEP 2010 - FEB 2011: INDIA

Trip Update

The overseas expedition was in partnership with Help Tourism. The team went to Kolbung Primary School in Kolakham Village, West Bengal, India and helped in building a school extension and fence for the playground area which will improve study conditions for the children. 
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SEP 2008 - FEB 2009:


Trip Update

Written by one of our volunteers, Lilyana:

"Familiarity is the the committee I spent 16 days with. Acceptance is the 13 kids who come from different backgrounds. Love is the sight of all of us assembled, laughing, smiling and sharing. Pride is hearing our kids express interest in wanting to do more of they did, how much they learned and seeing parents tear for joy for how much their difficult child has grown."

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